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About Wolfe 360­­­°


 Wide, Optical, Lens, Focal, Exposure 360­­°


My passion for photography has been a creation of my own individualization and personal satisfaction. It's my ambition to convey my professionalism in my visionary photography. 

Wolfe 360° Photography represents quality photography with expression. Each portrait, is a work of art. The elements of photography are captured in each image. Every picture is a portrait, no matter the subject. 

I offer professional, affordable, and impressive quality of art that defines detail.

I specialize in Yogasana Portraits, Funeral Memorial Tributes,

and Architectural Photography.

      I will accomplish professional results with products, portraiture, and other special events.

I will put my artistic achievements into creating a masterpiece for you. 

"After all, my name says it all"  




 Photo credit: Copyright © by Chet Meyerson Photography.com


 Contact Noelle at 386-212-6858 or at wolfe360@yahoo.com